“An incident is just the tip of the iceberg, a sign of a much larger problem below the surface.” ~ Don Brown

We are pleased to announce that Before You Dig Australia (BYDA) has partnered with SafeWork NSW to run a campaign focused on safe excavation. The campaign is now live and will run until April 2023.

As part of the campaign, SafeWork NSW safety inspections will target high risk activities and operations in specific areas. They will inspect exclusion zones, location of services and the general competency and use of plant on construction sites. SafeWork NSW will continue to take a zero tolerance approach to worker’s lives being placed at risk.

The safe excavation campaign highlights the importance of lodging a free BYD enquiry before starting a project. Work teams must demonstrate they understand the plans, adhere to safe work practices and follow the asset owner’s instructions and Duty of Care. Therefore, as part of the campaign, SafeWork NSW inspectors will visit worksites to check compliance with safe work practices and ensure that a BYD enquiry has been lodged before starting the project.

BYDA’s vision is Zero Damage to underground infrastructure and Zero Harm to our workers and communities. Any incident has a high potential to cause serious and adverse effects on people’s health and safety. Likewise, SafeWork NSW has a six-year strategy to protect workers from harm, reduce unnecessary compliance costs and secure safety standards in NSW workplaces. Together, we plan to make a positive impact.

This case study is an example where an excavator struck a steel high-pressure gas main in 2018. This incident caused evacuation and lockdown of Sydney CBD. It reinforces the need to always lodge a free BYD enquiry online before starting any digging or excavation work.

To learn more about the initiative, please visit the SafeWork NSW campaign website.

To ensure workers are informed and safe when carrying out excavation activities, BYDA offers free education and awareness sessions in each state. Our dedicated and highly experienced team of service awareness and damage prevention officers can deliver a free online or in-person session tailored to your industry’s requirements.

Meet Leon, our Service Awareness and Damage Prevention officer in NSW

Leon has a wealth of knowledge in the building and construction industries and underground utility locating. Leon started working as an Underground Utility Locator in 2004. It was a small but growing company where he received expert training and guidance. After twelve years, he continued as a Learning and Development Manager for five more years. Leon looked after new team members and upskilled the company. Afterwards, Leon did a 12-month stint in the Workplace Training and Assessing field. He taught locating skills around the country and conducted assessments for DBYD Certified Locators.

Leon is helping raise awareness of the BYD service and educating everyone within the excavation industry about damage prevention to underground infrastructure. Click Here or scan the following QR code to book a session with Leon today!