Before you dig

The BYDA service is a single point of contact where those looking to dig can obtain information about underground networks at your proposed dig site without contacting utility organisations individually.

Over the years, homeowners have unintentionally dug up underground infrastructure leading to significant service disruptions, financial penalties and injury to themselves and the people around them.

If you are a homeowner about to do some work on your property that involves digging or excavating, it’s important you read our handy tips and lodge a free enquiry before you start.

Work on your property may include any of the following:

  • Fencing
  • Driveways
  • Landscaping
  • Mailbox installation
  • Pools

Useful tips for homeowners

  • Determine who will lodge the enquiry before any contractor or tradesman commences working on your property with excavation work;
  • Look for clues on site such as the water, gas or electricity meters, or telecommunication box;
  • Be aware that underground pipes and cables may be just outside your property under the footpath, driveway, nature strip, and adjacent to fence lines;
  • Never assume the depth of pipes and cables as they can be buried just below the surface;
  • Asset owner details are available on the dig site confirmation email that you receive after lodging your enquiry;
  • Plans you receive after lodging a BYDA enquiry are indicative only. The plans may show lead-ins to the property or mains running through the property boundary and may not contain specific details within your property boundary;
  • Consider using the service of a skilled locator to assist you in locating the assets on your private property;
  • Keep a record of the information and any notes you make if you damage any underground services;
  • Be aware that asset owners may seek compensation for any damages you cause to their assets.

For more information, please check out the How to Lodge a Free Enquiry Guide.