BYDA offers two free sessions to suit you and your organisation’s needs. You may select to meet either online and face-to-face

Awareness session

Awareness Session: Understand the role of BYDA, safe excavation practices, complying with asset-owner instructions, and the consequences of damages. Learn how to mitigate and avoid potential damage and harm and ensure a safe work environment.

Plan reading session

Develop the skills to interpret asset owners’ plans, legends, and symbols effectively. Understand the complexities of plan interpretation to ensure smooth project execution.


“Using current BYDA plans for an upcoming project or existing project would make reading a plan more specific to current works and would achieve better results and improve knowledge of specifics relating to current works thus leading to better outcomes.”
Ian, Toowoomba Regional Council
“The practical nature and interaction was very beneficial to all that participated.”
Toowoomba Regional Council Staff
“It was invaluable having BYDA attend our depot and give a session on reading plans correctly. With the rapid evolution of infrastructure, it has shown us how to further understand multiple asset owners' coding so we can now identify them quicker and with greater accuracy. It’s a great, well-needed service the industry was missing”
Ben, Barwon Asset Solutions
“The session was incredibly helpful. As a Water Utility business, our bread and butter is excavation. We had over 95 participants including our subcontractors dial into the presentation and there was plenty of depth and real-world examples to keep the diversity of roles and experience levels interested.”
Liam, Downer