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BYDA provides time-saving, cost-effective services and products for infrastructure asset owners and non-asset owning organisations that are involved in underground excavation. Our range of services are designed to protect damage to essential infrastructure.

Infrastructure Damage Incident Gateway (IDIG)

In October 2020, we received a grant through Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) Industry Skills Coordination Program, based on engaging with our Members to have them supply damage incident data on their respective networks.

A software program was developed “Infrastructure Damage Incident Gateway” (IDIG) to capture Members’ data. CSQ recognises through the sheer amount of work in the construction industry involving excavation often leads to their workers safety being put at risk, downtime on major projects and the impact on the utility and the community as a whole when damage occurs. Collating incident data from our Members into the IDIG will allow us to develop targeted marketing and education programs focused on eliminating damages. Access to this data will enable BYDA to provide detailed information to CSQ to allow them to develop and deliver training programs out to the construction industry.

IDIG differs from the Infrastructure Damage Reporting System (IDRS), the national reporting system, in that IDIG is specifically geared towards collating data relating to damage incidents in Queensland. For all IDIG enquiries, please contact Alison Sharkey our appointed Utility Liaison Officer at

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