Membership benefits

BYDA membership is available for both asset-owning organisations who wish to register their infrastructure, as well as non-asset owners who wish to show their support for the referral service and promote safe site practices within the industry.

Why join BYDA?

  • Ensure the safety of your staff, contractors, and the community at large;
  • Protect your assets from potential damages by providing anyone planning to excavate in the vicinity with plans and information;
  • Utilise the BYDA free training and awareness program. Our education sessions offer insight into how the referral service works, safe excavation procedures, and duty of care requirements when working around essential infrastructure;
  • Access our additional asset protection services, including referral response Automation, Collaborate and Locate.

It is easy to register your assets with the service, and membership can provide you and your staff with access to all the BYDA request information collected in real-time. Associated tools, reports and dashboards are available to let you know who is working around your assets, when they are working, why and what type of work they are performing,. This data is beneficial in informing re-instatement works if required.

To speak to a team member about joining as a BYDA member, please complete the contact form.

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