How it works

BYDA promotes asset protection and the importance of safe digging practices.  We provide everyone working in and around underground infrastructure with the best possible access to plans and information, coming directly from the asset owners of utility services, via the free referral service.

Why do you need to use the service?

Any project, including work on private properties, can damage assets located around your dig site. This can lead to service interruptions, delays, costly repairs and in the worst-case scenario – injury or death. Obtaining plans and safety information from asset owners via the free referral service before you start work can significantly minimise these risks.

What to do before you dig

Safety is a fundamental aspect of any digging or excavation project, so using the BYDA service should always be your first point of contact before starting any project. When you lodge an enquiry via the service, you gain access to plans and information directly from asset owners of utility services such as gas, electricity, water, telecommunications. Users must lodge an enquiry online at least one business day before starting work outlining where and when you plan to dig.

How to access the service

The BYDA service is free for users and is accessible via the website and via our apps.
Regular users can access the referral service via the Login Page.

If you are a new user, you will first need to register with the BYDA service before lodging an enquiry to obtain plans and information. Our guide for registering as a new user is available here.