At BYDA, we continuously look for ways to improve the user experience. On Wednesday, the 21st of December, a significant referral service update will be made to the SmarterWX Sentinel platform. The update will facilitate users accessing certified locators’ details from one platform. An important step forward into 2023.

Following the 5Ps of Safe Excavation before commencing any work that involves breaking the ground is more important than ever. It is crucial that BYDA users know that it’s not just about lodging an enquiry and knowing what’s below. Lodging an enquiry with BYDA is only the first step for excavating safely. The 5Ps of Safe Excavation include Plan, Prepare, Pothole, Protect, and Proceed. You may only proceed with your work once you’ve completed the first four Ps.

Don’t know the 5Ps of Safe Excavation? Discover them now!

Once users submit a new enquiry through the BYDA service, they can see Certified Locators near them. The platform will present the closest three locators within a 50km radius of the dig site. The information provided includes their contact details so users can contact them immediately. Embedding locators in the referral service highlights the second step of the 5Ps of Safe Excavation, ‘Prepare.’

Preparing is reviewing the utility plans and contacting the asset owners if you need assistance. Looking for onsite asset clues such as pit lids, marker posts and meters. And engaging a Certified Locator to assist you in locating assets electronically before potholing.

The update to the referral is a significant development for the BYDA service. It is also an excellent initiative that DBYD Certified Locators and Nulca have supported.

Together, we are moving forward as an industry to lead safe site practices. Therefore, if you want to learn more about BYDA or have any questions, we would love to hear from you!

Lodge a free BYD enquiry and explore the changes made. Start by visiting the BYDA website and selecting the red “Get Free Plans” button.