WorkSafe Victoria and Energy Safe Victoria have produced an updated guidebook for managing the hazards and risks of working near underground services. It provides practical guidance on the principles and requirements for safely carrying out digging or excavation work near underground services. This includes working near essential utility cables and pipelines such as electricity, telecommunications, gas and water.

Manage hazards and risks of working near underground services

The guidebook is helpful for employers, employees and others responsible for managing hazards and risks when working near underground services. However, members of the public can also utilise the guidebook to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

The guidebook contains specific details of No Go Zones. These are areas surrounding underground services. WorkSafe Victoria and Energy Safe Victoria recommends the No Go Zones as best practice for safe working distances.

Following the guidelines in the booklet helps:

  • protect employees, independent contractors and other persons from serious or fatal injuries
  • reduce the risk of damage to underground services and mobile plant
  • avoid service interruptions and failures
  • avoid additional associated costs

Remember that while the No Go Zones recommended in the guidebook will assist responsible parties in meeting their obligations under the current safety legislation when working near underground services, responsible parties still need to consider their specific circumstances.

Guidebook for undertaking work near underground services
You can view the guidebook via the WorkSafe Victoria website.

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