As part of BYDA’s commitment to improving the service to achieve its vision of “Zero Damage, Zero Harm”, there has been a recent improvement to our user experience. BYDA has now added a new Certified Locating Organisation (CLO) feature to its referral service. This feature is funded by BYDA to support and promote safe digging practices. BYDA has worked with DCL to develop this added-value feature with the aim of making it easier for users, contractors and construction companies to find CLOs. Therefore, users can now view CLOs after lodging their enquiry based on their job site location.

How it works

Start by submitting your enquiry and get to the enquiry confirmation page summarising your project details. Then you will see a section at the bottom titled “Engage a Certified Locator”. Engaging a Certified Locator is the second P from the 5Ps of safe excavation – Prepare. Preparing is reviewing the utility plans and contacting the utility if you need assistance. Look for onsite clues such as pit lids, marker posts and meters. You can engage a Certified Locator to undertake electronic asset location before potholing.

Screenshot of the enquiry summary

The added functionality will fast-track users’ ability to find a CLO that services the area of their job site. The feature presents the user with three random CLOs that service the area. The three CLOs displayed are not the complete list of CLOs in the area, nor are they recommended by BYDA. The search function is linked to the service area nominated by each CLO and is supported by the list of Certified Locating Organisations registered with DCL. CLOs can also set their service area by choosing a radius around their office. Then, the search function picks up the location of the job site and displays three random CLOs that service the area.

To see a complete list of CLOs, you can click on “See all Certified Locating Organisations servicing this area”.

Screenshot showing where to find the complete list of CLOs in your area

The sort order of the complete list of CLOs is also random. However, users can also see the suburb of the organisation’s head office to find CLOs close to them.

Screenshot showing the full list

When you click on a CLO, you will then see their full details. You will also have the option to call or email them directly from the platform.

Contact CLOs by calling them or emailing them directly from the platform

Feedback and Questions…

Without doubt, the new feature is an efficient and effective way to connect CLOs with anyone using the referral service. This makes it easier for users to find CLOs for their excavation projects. When carrying out any digging or excavation project, it is vital always to follow the 5Ps of safe excavation. Plan, Prepare, Pothole, Protect, and Proceed. The new search feature is a valuable tool to support safe digging practices. If you have feedback or questions about the service region, the CLO list, or to enquire about becoming a Certified Locator, please get in touch with the DCL team directly.