Before You Dig Australia CEO Calls for Industry Collaboration to Embrace Digital Transformation and Improve Utility Mapping

Mell Greenall, CEO of Before You Dig Australia (BYDA), emphasizes the need for industry-wide collaboration to address the challenges posed by digital disruption in the utility mapping sector. In her LinkedIn article, Mell Greenall talks about the importance of finding a pathway towards achieving Zero Damage – Zero Harm when it comes to protecting Australian underground networks. In addition, the article explores the limitations of the traditional PDF format and advocates for a shift towards digital asset plans and improved mapping accuracy.

However, it calls for collaboration, idea-sharing, and proactive steps to ensure the referral service remains valuable and trusted. Failure to adapt to digital transformation may lead to irrelevance and disruption. The article concludes by encouraging readers to share their pain points and identify areas where change may be more feasible than anticipated, inviting input on creating a pathway for sharing digital asset plans.