Today, Before You Dig Australia (BYDA) launches its inaugural Sector Safety Forum Series. This highly anticipated event marks the beginning of a new annual tradition. It aims to establish itself as a prominent element of BYDA’s commitment to achieving Zero Damage – Zero Harm through collaboration with industry leaders.

With Energy Queensland as a co-host, the electricity network sector takes the lead in this three-day gathering. During the gathering, 30 representatives from Australia’s underground electricity network operators will join. Their objective? To dig into three key improvement statements, one for each day, sparking insightful discussions:

  1. Discovering strategies to minimise incidents involving underground cables.
  2. Determining consistency in asset plans, instructions, and safety advice.
  3. Exploring the benefits of adopting a unified planning tool to reduce underground and overhead powerline strikes.

A collaborative team format will facilitate the exploration of these thought-provoking topics, encouraging knowledge sharing and strengthening the bonds among network operators. The goal is to identify opportunities for collective change within the industry and BYDA’s services. Cultivating safer work practices when dealing with underground infrastructure.

Mell Greenall, BYDA CEO, will be present and eager to participate in conversations.

The focus will be on enhancing BYDA’s referral service, industry support, and community engagement to promote safer practices around underground infrastructure. After each event, BYDA will publish white papers disseminating the invaluable insights and recommendations generated during the forum. BYDA will share the published papers with members and industry stakeholders.

BYDA actively collaborates with the industry to position Australia as a safety and asset protection leader in underground infrastructure networks. These networks deliver essential services like telecommunication, electricity, gas and water. In fact, they are considered the arteries that keep the heartbeat of Australian communities, businesses, and homes pumping.

As an industry, we face the hurdles of digital disruption, evolving workforce demographics, and a rapidly changing construction sector. In light of these challenges, BYDA regards Sector Safety Forums as fundamental components in the industry’s preparedness to overcome them. These forums cultivate a solution-oriented mindset, embracing innovations and change. Moreover, they unite the industry, encouraging an environment of collective learning and evolution.

The Gas Sector Safety Forum is next on the agenda, followed by Water later this year, with dates to be announced soon. BYDA also plans to hold forums focused on the telecommunications industry and construction sector users of the BYDA referral service in early 2024. If you want to learn more about these forums or attend one over the next 12 months, please contact us today!