Insights and learnings from BYDA’s first forum

In May this year, BYDA launched the first of a series of Sector Safety Forums, specifically for its electricity members, to facilitate discussion and collaboration.

Participants spent three days breaking down the best approach to:

  • Reducing underground asset strikes
  • Establishing industry minimum standards
  • Exploring planning tools to minimise both overhead and underground strikes

During the three days, several challenges were identified. These included the need to adapt to a more agile digital environment, specifically, retiring PDF plans as the industry standard. The risk of not knowing the full scale and impact of network damages due to limited data sharing and reporting. And finally, the lack of a strong partner relationship between stakeholders to support a unified approach to managing public safety risks.

An action item from the group was to deliver a discussion paper with a summary of challenges and recommendations. This document is now available.

The next sector safety forum will focus on gas and petroleum membership and will take place in September, and registrations are now open.

Click the below button to access the full document and find out how to register for the upcoming forum.