Did you know trees can cause issues for our underground pipes and cables? It’s important to understand how tree roots can affect underground utilities to help prevent potential damages and avoid disruption of services to the community.

The impact of tree roots on drains and underground utilities

Trees need water to grow, and their roots go looking for it. Sometimes, these roots can find their way into drains, causing issues. Tree roots can block the water from flowing properly when they get into drains. This can lead to floods when it rains or can even break the pipes, causing bigger problems for homeowners, water suppliers and the community.

Tree roots can also go after underground pipes that carry water, gas, and electricity. Sometimes, the roots can wrap around the pipes, making it difficult to remove the tree without causing damage. This is why we must be careful when working around trees and pipes.

To prevent such problems, always check how far the root of a tree can grow and plan the location carefully before planting. When we plant trees in the right places and away from drains and pipes, we can mitigate the potential for infrastructure problems in the future.

Real examples

Imagine receiving a water bill that doesn’t align with your actual water usage. A false water meter reading can be frustrating and costly, often indicating an underlying issue. One possible cause is a damaged water pipe. When a pipe is compromised, it can result in water loss. This can lead to overbilling and a higher financial burden for a homeowner.

If you suspect a damaged water pipe is impacting your water meter readings, acting immediately is essential. Different regions have different suppliers, so contact your local water supplier to report the issue.

A damaged water pipe can have far-reaching consequences beyond simple leaks. It can result in false water meter readings, leading to incorrect billing and unnecessary water wastage. By understanding common water meter faults, checking for hidden leaks, and ensuring regular maintenance, you can protect yourself and your property from these issues and ensure that your water readings remain accurate.

Key takeaways

  • Tree roots may wrap around utilities, making extraction without checking a potential damage hazard.
  • If a tree is removed without safe excavation practices, there is a risk of further damage to the tree and underground infrastructure.
  • Keep safety at the front of your mind.
  • Planning before any digging or excavation work is essential. Always use the BYDA service to know what’s below.
  • Help us achieve the vision of zero damage and zero harm. Get free plans.