In March 2024, BYDA will release an update to the referral service. The update involves the collation of referral responses. This will make working with utility plans a little easier for thousands of users who submit plan requests daily.

Referral response collation

Collated responses will be the standard for receiving referral plans and information. This means users can log in and view or download all utility plans and safety information in a single place rather than receiving multiple emails.

Improved accessibility

After lodging a BYDA enquiry, users can view an enquiry success screen with a short safety message from each responding asset owner. While waiting for all responses to arrive, users can view an overview of how to protect each member’s assets. This will streamline a user’s access to important information for efficient and safe project operations.

As users receive responses, they can view all returned content directly within their browser or download the various asset owners’ information. This will allow users to seamlessly share the responses with their team using the BYDA job number.

Users can also toggle between the cover letter and the map within the same window.

What do users need to do?

Once the change goes live on 7th March, log in and set how you would like to be notified when referral responses are received. The default setting is to receive a notification once all responses are returned. Alternatively, you can choose to receive a notification for each referral response as it is returned.

When does this change take place?

The new referral response collation feature will go live on March 7, 2024, at 9 pm AEST. This change is part of our commitment to ongoing improvements to the referral service to meet the needs of BYDA users and the industry. The digital evolution of BYDA is a key focus moving forward. To view a run-through of the new features, check out this video.

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