BYDA’s recent Water Sector Safety Forum aimed at addressing critical challenges facing the water industry. The forum highlighted several obstacles hindering the protection of water infrastructure during construction and excavation activities.

BYDA water safety forum

One of the main challenges identified was the lack of awareness and compliance with the BYDA referral service among contractors, consultants, and property owners. This contributes to an increased risk of damage to water utility assets, leading to service disruptions, environmental impacts, and financial losses.

To address these challenges, BYDA is spearheading initiatives aimed at fostering a culture of enhanced damage prevention and promoting collaboration within the utility sectors.

BYDA recognises that transformation requires collaborative efforts from all stakeholders in the utility industry. Success depends on a shared commitment to digitisation, improved safety practices, and a collective effort to enhance the end-user experience.

In conclusion, BYDA’s proactive initiatives underscore our dedication to promoting safety and efficiency in excavation and construction activities. Ultimately, this will contribute to the protection of not just water assets, but all essential infrastructure across Australia. You can read the full Water Safety Paper via the button below.

The next safety forum is for the Telecommunications Sector, to be held on 4-5th June 2024 in Melbourne. To register your interest for this forum, please reach out to Jason Stanley