Working Together Reduces Risk

Collaborate is a service that allows project managers across multiple organisations to plan their work and identify opportunities to work together to reduce the risk of asset damage, lower costs, and eliminate re-work.

This service is offered to BYDA Members in conjunction with ESRI Australia, and informs and encourages internal and cross-organisation collaboration by sharing excavation and works data from different utilities and presenting the data in a common view.



Easily upload data via an intuitive publishing tool.

Real time notifications

Receive notifications of changes that affect your project schedule.

Quality Reporting

Reporting features allows Collaborate users to share knowledge relating to project data and savings.

Single sign-on access

Centralised user management and single sign-on with SAML integration.

Identify opportunities

Receive notifications to coordinate works with other works teams.

To find out more about Collaborate for BYDA Members, please complete the contact form and a member of the BYDA team will be in touch.