All your enquiries in one place

Locate is an online tool that helps regular users of the referral service to store, manage and access both current and past enquires in one single location. Locate is extremely helpful for users who lodge frequent enquiries, as it consolidates the enquiry response information generated by multiple enquires.


Realtime notifications

Notifications are sent when responses are completed, collated and ready to review and reconcile


Manage progress of responses generated from lodging a BYD enquiry.


Dig sites can be viewed on a map, with BYD response information available for each enquiry location.

Improved accessibility

Move BYD responses out of email inboxes into an accessible online environment.

Team collaboration

Enable your colleagues to login, collaborate, and share a common view of the location of critical underground infrastructure.


View records over the duration of the project to improve risk management, compliance and reporting workflows.

To find out more about Locate, complete the contact form and a BYDA team member will be in touch.