Preventing damage, protecting people

The free Before You Dig referral service is a single point of contact where members of the BYD referral service can share detailed plans and safety information with individuals or companies planning to dig underground. This service is vital in protecting essential assets, and preventing injury to those working in and around underground infrastructure.

Once an enquiry is lodged, details including the location, date and type of work being carried out are sent to all listed infrastructure owners with assets in the vicinity of the project. These asset owners will respond directly to the person enquiring with information on the location of their infrastructure assets. Information is typically provided in the form of plans and is required on site to ensure the right information is available before excavation commences.

Share information and stay connected

When an enquiry is received, the Before You Dig system determines which Member has an asset or interest around that project site and sends a notification known as a referral. A referral enables a Member to send out plans detailing the location of the registered asset and work with the enquirer where necessary to ensure no damage is done.

Once a referral is received by a Member, they are encouraged to respond to the enquirer within 1 business day. The most common method of response is through the issuing of site plans by email. However, Members may elect to respond differently depending on the nature of the enquiry. In some cases, Members can contact the enquirer by phone or meet them on site to discuss the planned project in more detail.

For more information on how Members respond to enquiries and the potential for an automated response system, please view our Automate service.