Outcomes from BYDA’s Gas and Petroleum Sector Forum

Following the success of BYDA’s inaugural Sector Safety Forum for electricity members in May, the Gas and Petroleum Sector Safety Forum took place over two and a half days in September (19th – 21st), marking another crucial step in enhancing industry safety standards.

Attendees and BYDA team member at the forum.

Much like the Electricity Sector Forum, the Gas and Petroleum session identified challenges fundamental to the sector. These included the need to transition into a more agile digital environment, particularly in retiring PDF plans as the industry norm. Participants acknowledged the risks associated with limited data sharing and reporting, hindering a comprehensive understanding of network damages. Additionally, the forum highlighted the need for stronger partner relationships among stakeholders to manage public safety risks collectively.

A proactive action item emerged in response to these challenges — a discussion paper summarising challenges and presenting recommendations. This valuable document is now available for stakeholders seeking insights into the sector’s evolving safety landscape.

BYDA is committed to transparency and collaboration, emphasising the importance of open dialogue among industry professionals. The success of the Gas and Petroleum Sector Safety Forum paves the way for the next forum, demonstrating BYDA’s dedication to fostering a safer and more resilient industry.

For those eager to access the full document or register for the upcoming forum, click the button below. BYDA looks forward to continuing this journey of collaboration and improvement across various sectors.